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Sunshine.git Udacity's sample weather forca... 3 years ago
advent-of-code-15.git Advent of Code solutions 2 years ago
advent-of-code-16.git Advent of Code solutions 17 months ago
advent-of-code-17.git Advent of Code solutions 9 months ago
android-sample-notepad.git Sample Android notepad project No commits
battle-of-the-bands.git Using data science to prove... 11 months ago
cartagena.git Reference implementation of... 9 years ago
cas-master-teacher-training.git Programming exercises for... 19 months ago
catflap.git A catflap on Twitter No commits
cipher-tools.git Code for various pre-computer... 5 days ago
cipher-training.git Teacher training using ciphers 14 months ago
computing-unplugged-book.git Examples for the comuting... 3 years ago
depot.git Sample Depot Rails application 9 years ago
django-girls.git Tutorial blog app for Django... 8 months ago
dmarc.git Read and process DMARC emails 21 months ago
eliza.git An Eliza clone in Python 21 months ago
erd-marker.git ERD marker 6 years ago
feedcatcher.git Feedcatcher RSS server 4 years ago
gender-roles-text-analysis.git Different gender roles in... 11 months ago
ghost-theme-willow.git A modification of the Willow... 11 days ago
graph.njae.git Simple graph library 6 years ago
imdb-keyword-list.git Extracting and randomly combin... 2 years ago
lisp-compiler-in-prolog.git A Lisp compiler written in... 13 months ago
lisp-interpreter-in-prolog.git A Lisp interpreter written... 3 years ago
makeover-monday.git Examples of Makeover Monday... 6 months ago
menace.git An implementation of MENACE... 18 months ago
microbit.git Microbit code, generally in... 2 years ago
miniband.git Miniband for Code Club 5 years ago
name-generation.git Random name generation and... 2 years ago
one-dimensional-fireworks.git One-dimensional fireworks... 3 days ago
opendmarc.git Update of the opendmarc package 22 months ago
ou-jupyter-r-demo.git Demo of R in Jupyter notebooks... 8 months ago
ou-summer-of-code-2017.git OU Summer of Code challenge... 9 months ago
pci.git PCI book code 7 years ago
photo-filing.git Automatic photo filing 2 years ago
pi-music.git Musical instruments for Raspbe... 13 months ago
pi-xmas.git Programs for running Christmas... 2 years ago
porter2stemmer.git Porter 2 word stemmer 6 years ago
project-euler.git Project Euler solutions 18 months ago
sort-animations.git Animations of sort algorithms 13 months ago
summerofcode2018soln.git OU Summer of Code sample solutions 4 weeks ago
tenra-roller.git Tenra dice roller, using Kivy 2 years ago
testing.git No commits
tm351-mongo.git Code for using MongoDB 4 years ago
tm351-notebooks.git IPython notebooks and similar... 3 years ago
trapthecap.git Library files for playing... 7 years ago
visualising-punctuation.git Visualisations of punctuation... 2 years ago
word-grid-game.git Controlled assessment for... 4 years ago